As 21st Century Christians, we still believe that:

God created all things, visible and invisible; thus all of creation ultimately belongs to God. God created all things “good;” i.e., “purposeful” and “beneficial.” {cf. Gen 1-2}

Sin was brought into God’s creation through the disobedience of the created humans, Adam and Eve. Through this act, all creation – especially us humans – was marred and placed under the curse of sin, death and decay. {cf. Gen 3; Rom 8}

God did not abandon His creation; rather He pursued after it - especially us humans - making covenant with us to be our God, sending us His revelation through prophets, priests, and kings, and giving us His continued promises that He would make all things new through His Messiah. {cf. Gen 9 & 22; Isa 25}

At the decisive point in time, God sent forth His Son into His creation. His Son – Jesus Christ, our Lord – emptied Himself and took upon Himself the likeness of our human form in order to destroy the curse of sin, death and decay. He accomplished this feat through His holy life, His earthly ministry, His suffering, death, and burial, His resurrection, and His ascension. Because of His thorough and victorious obedience in all things, God has placed Him at the pinnacle of everything – above every person, power, and principality. {cf. Php 2}

Jesus Christ is Lord. As Lord, everything has been placed under His feet. As Lord, everything in heaven and on earth and under the earth should bow before Him. {cf. Col 1; Php 2; Heb 1}

Not yet does everything bow before Jesus   Christ and confess Him as Lord. Not yet has the curse of sin, death and decay – though thoroughly defeated – been obliterated. Thus, God’s mighty acts in Jesus Christ still need to be proclaimed and believed. {cf. 1 Cor 15}

For we who do believe in Jesus Christ and – through repentance and confession - proclaim Him as Lord, He transforms us into new creations; making us His own people, giving to us the rights and responsibilities of the sons and daughters of God, and planting us within a “New Creation Colony,” which is called the “church.” {cf. John 1, 2 Cor 5}

Jesus Christ established the church to carry on His life and His work within His creation until He returns. He has filled His church with His presence through the giving and gifting of His Holy Spirit – with the result that His church is His current body within His creation. {cf. Matt 16 & 18; Acts 2}

As part of His church, Jesus Christ has entrusted us – the sons and daughters of God - with His church. Therefore, it is necessary for us to:

Carry out His life and work in His creation

Proclaim God’s mighty acts in Jesus Christ –  as recorded in the Holy Bible - especially to  those who have never heard

Join in the Spirit’s work of making lifelong DISCIples of Jesus Christ.

Live lives of holiness to the glory of God.